Friday, February 13, 2009

Dreaming of redoing our apartment (maybe we should just move!)

When we finally move and can give my kids their own rooms, I have a list of decorating ideas. For my daughter's room I would like to decorate with some original ETSY prints from different artists. Wishing Willow is now giving away a beautiful Sofi and the Fish art print from,

I happen to think that the FLOR system is the smartest around. Ever get some dirt on your carpet that you weren't able to get it out? When I was in bedrest Powerade spilled all over my white carpet. No matter how many times I cleaned it or what cleaners I used I still have this ugly black stain. We moved the beds to cover it up, but now know to buy FLOR tiles for our next apartment and I never have to worry about stained carpets again. What is the FLOR system? FLOR makes carpet tiles that you could put together in any color or pattern you like creating very original flooring. Plus, because each tile can be removed seperately, you never have to worry about bad stains, just replace that one tile! Right now you can win a FLOR seagrass rug from from Double Bugs.

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