Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wow, it has been years since I blogged last. Being a Mommy doesn't leave much time for putting your thoughts down in writing. Since last time I posted, I worked nights for a year until I found out I was pregnant. My little guy (my first singleton) just turned a year and I had a tough year with 3 kids 2 and under. We're now looking for a bigger place to fit all the little people who are sharing a bedroom. My 7 year old is still in a toddler bed so that we can fit them all in and I'm reluctant to buy a bunkbed since my boy twin Y is a daredevil who loves to "fly" off high heights. Which brings me to this post. I have my twins in cribs- M in a Stokke and Y in a Nurseryworks crib, both Craigslist finds. (The expensive Italian ones from my first twins were destroyed after 4 years of use) Y is REALLY hard on his things and has been climbing and shaking his drop side rail for some time now. 2 days ago the rail came crashing down and is unable to be fixed. I know drop sides are recalled but I figured I would get rid of it soon anyways. I would keep him in his crib as a toddler bed if he would stop waking us all up when dancing at 5 am. so for now we have got to get another crib. M is totally unwilling to give up her space in her crib (she would keep it until she's 9 if I let her) and my baby K is in a porta crib. So... I have to get another crib. Since I would probably use the crib for K as soon as we move I want to get a nice sturdy crib. I LOVE our Stokke crib and our 3 Stokke chairs- the original kinderzeat, european tripp trapp and the newer tripp trapp with baby rail and would really like another Stokke crib however it's waaaay out of our price range. The crib is amazing, it rolls easily from room to room, no drop rails, converts to a bassinet and a childs bed as well. It's made to last forever. is giving one away and I really really really want to win it (Enough to wake up my blog from over a years rest) . You can go here http:// to try to win it yourself but I'm going to do all the entry options to hopefully win it for my little guys!