Thursday, February 12, 2009

Contest roundup

Visit ourhappyendings to win a pair of See Kai Run shoes or a eenamiria handbag

A Latte in the Morning is giving away a Sylvania PalPODzzz™ Portable Nightlight - Ladybug, a pair of Jack and Lily shoes, and a pair of octagon swarovski crystal earrings from BellLuAndMe

My 5 year old is a bit "vertically challenged". He's too big to want to sit in a booster and we needed his Stokke Tripp Trapp for for the babies. Luckily he won a KABOOST, a compact portable booster that goes under the chair legs, boosting up the chair. You could win one too at Dexter's Super Saavy Mommy

My kids hate getting their tempertature taken. Rectal thermometers take so long to give a reading and it always bothers me to have to wake up a sleeping child just to get an accurate temp. Enter the Exergen TemporalScanner. With a swipe on the forhead it gives you an accurate temperature from the temporal artery in just a few seconds. Visit MomDot Reviews to read about it and win one.

Susannah from The Funky Monkey is actually an entrepreneur herself. She has a beautiful shop that carries handmade barettes, crayon rolls, tutus, washcloths and many other items. My daughter is enjoying one of her beanie hats with a clip and she now has 20% off in her shop. She also has lots of great giveaways at her website. Right now you can win a Trendy Twin Originals original tee, a Hatley tee, Keiki Co. Navy Minkie Blankie, 6 BPA free bottles from BioGreen Bottles and many other items. Check them out!

Travelling with a baby is always hard. Multiply that by 2 and we start disaster planning. In the rare occasions that we actually do go away our minivan is always bursting at the seams. There is never enough room for all the baby paraphanelia so we are always looking for different convenience items to help us. Although exersaucers are not a necessity, during certain stages it definately seems like one. I love the convenience of having a safe place for a baby to play without me worrying about them getting into trouble or being attacked by the other children. Since there is no way to travel with the exersaucer even folded, the PopATot was invented. You can win one now at Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls. You can also win a childs finger painting kit with frame and many other giveaways going on now.

I'm starting to care about the planet more now that I realize how much garbage we generate. Well really it was my husband wondering why we have 4 full bags of garbage to bring down to the basement every night. I have read about Seventh Generation diapers before but never put much thought into them due to their price. I would like to test them out to see if they really work. Rockin Mama is giving away a baby starter kit including 2 packages of diapers in your choice of size, a tub and travel pack of wipes and baby laundry detergent, all in a reusable bag. With the amount of diapers my twins go through we could definately use some free ones! Rockin Mama is having a potty training party going on right now so she is running a few other giveaways to fit in the theme as well.

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